Every Rom & Emulator [2019-20]


This is the definitive and complete configuration guide to configure and installing retro games on Kodi.

Fixed error when searching for previously downloaded game files

Update the external launch command database for the new Retroarch


The following game lists have also been updated:

Atomiswave (Flycast / MAME compatible set)

Naomi (Flycast / MAME compatible set)

  1. Amiga (HDF-based game set)
  2. Retro games in
  3. Kodi: Table of contents


  • Retro games in
  • Kodi: Introduction
  • Kodi 18
  • Kodi 18
  • To download
  • Since the release of Kodi 18 Leia, Kodi software has had
  • Support for retro video games in Kodi. That means you can:

Sync a controller with Kodi (or use a keyboard)

Install classic video game consoles (called emulators),


Load retro video games (called roms).

Kodi enables retro video games through its inclusion of the

RetroPlayer framework, which is a popular software package

  1. It contains some of the largest emulators.
  2. What video
  3. Are gaming systems compatible with Kodi 18?
  4. Kodi 18 includes support for various video game systems,
  5. Even:

Nintendo / Super Nintendo / Nintendo DS

Gameboy / Gameboy Advance / Gameboy Color

  • Playstation one
  • Sega Saturn
  • TWO
  • Lynx

Atari 2600


From Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 (N64) support on Kodi

18 years

amazon fire tv

Currently two popular retro consoles are not compatible with Kodi

18: The Sega Dreamcast and the N64. N64 and Dreamcast Cores

Both require OpenGL support, which is not currently included in the

Retroplayer framework.

You will not be able to play Sega Dreamcast or retro N64 games

Internally. We will show you how to configure them on an external device.

Link below!

x96 mini android

Next, we will see how to configure the controller

In Kodi

Synchronization and

Set up game controllers in Kodi

This area of ​​the guide is to help you set up and configure your

Game controller for retro games on Kodi. Covers some important

Components, which include:

What controllers are compatible with Kodi?

  1. How to pair your controller
  2. Get Kodi to recognize your controller
  3. Installing driver plugins for each driver
  4. Configure your game controllers
  5. What

Are the drivers compatible with Kodi?

Kodi supports several of the most common drivers,


  1. Xbox
  2. Sony playstation
  3. Nvidia shield
  4. Generic game controllers (as long as they have Bluetooth or USB
  5. Support for)

How to pair your


In order for your controller to work with Kodi, you must first configure

  1. On the hardware you have loaded Kodi on. For most people,
  2. It’s probably an Android TV box, but this guide should work for
  3. Mac, Windows and Linux too.
  4. If you want to use the wired controller, connect it to your
  5. Device. If you want to use the controller via Bluetooth, just turn on
  6. Turn it on and make sure it’s NOT synced with anything else turned on
  7. In.
  8. Couple game
  9. Controller in Amazon Fire

Amazon FIRE TV

If you are using Amazon Fire as your preferred hardware,

Then you want to navigate to Settings> Drivers and Bluetooth


Select the Game Controllers option and then click Add New Game

  1. Controller.
  2. Amazon Fire will now search for known game controllers using
  3. Bluetooth.
  4. If you are using the Playstation 4 controller, you must press and hold
  5. The central PS button and the Share button “at the same time.

Most other game controllers you just turn on the controller and

Then press the sync button “on the controller.

  • When Amazon Fire recognizes your controller, it should be
  • Added to the list on the screen. You can use the
  • Controller to navigate menus.
  • Couple game
  • Controller on Android TV

X96 mini


If you have an Android TV box, please pair your controller by

Navigating to Settings (gear icon)> Devices and accessories>

iagl kodi addon

Add accessory.

  1. If you are asked to activate Bluetooth on your Android TV box,
  2. Allow this to happen. Your box will now be looking for a game
  3. Drivers
  4. If you are using the Playstation 4 controller, you must press and hold
  5. The central PS button and the Share button “at the same time.

Other game controllers, you just turn on the controller and then

Press the sync button “on the controller.

When the Android TV box recognizes your controller, it should be

  1. Added to the list on the screen. If your controller has been
  2. Recognizes, scroll down and click OK. You can use the
  3. Controller to navigate menus.
  4. How to get Kodi
  5. Recognize your game controller

By default, you should be able to use your controller and start

Kodi from the main menu of your boxes as usual. You will probably come to

retroarch kodi

Navigate Kodi using your controller right at this point.

If Kodi doesn’t recognize your default driver, it may be

Disabled in Kodi settings. To solve this problem:

  • From the Kodi main menu click Settings (gear icon)
  • Select Direct System to the Input tab.
  • On the right, click Configure Attached Drivers.
  • Kodi will ask you to enable the plugin settings.
  • Select yes.
  • A window will display the installed game panel along with any
  • Profiles you have configured. Just click “OK” to save and exit and view

If your controller works now.

Now that your game controller is configured, you are closer to

Playing retro games on Kodi!

  1. How
  2. Install driver plugins on Kodi
  3. To correctly use each emulator (such as Nintendo, Super
  4. Nintendo etc.), you need to install specific controller plugins.

These plugins map out how your connected controller simulates each

  • Native console controller as follows:
  • From the Kodi main menu click on the Plugins icon (open box
  • Icon).
  • Select Install from repository
  • Click on the Kodi Plugin Repository
  • Click on Game Add-ons
  • Select controller profiles

From this screen, you must install driver profiles for all

  1. Of the emulators you want to use. So if you plan to play Super
  2. Nintendo and Atari 2600 games, you must install these controls
  3. Profiles.
  4. How
  5. Set up your retro gaming controllers on Kodi

Next, you need to configure the buttons for all

  • Add-ons for the driver you just installed. You have to assign buttons
  • Each original controller to its new controller that has
  • Synchronized
  • From the Kodi main menu, click the settings icon of settings.

Select System then navigate to the Entry tab.

Select Configure Attached Drivers.

  1. If Kodi asks you to enable the plugin settings,
  2. Select yes.
  3. You will see all the plugins of the driver you installed.
  4. Choose the one you want to edit and then scroll right
  5. Where the buttons are listed.

Click each button and select it. The assigned button will be

xbox one kodi

Replaced by a message for you to press the equivalent button on your

Controller. So if you select button “A” then you will want

Click the button on your controller that you want to match A.

Repeat this process for each button on each controller.

When you’re done, select OK to save your settings,

  1. Now you have installed driver plugins and configured them and You’re one step closer to playing retro games on Kodi!
  2. Next we come to the fun part: Installing and playing games! How

Install and play video games on Kodi Retro video games in Kodi are possible thanks to the use of roms And emulators. Emulators are small software programs that reflect

Old video game consoles. Roms are replicas of software video games

Which can be read by the Retroplayer emulator that comes packaged by


Next, we will show you how to install emulators since you
You already have everything you need in Kodi.
How to install
Emulators on Kodi
From the Kodi main menu click on the Plugins icon (open box Icon).

Select Install from repository

Click on the Kodi Plugin Repository


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